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"despite everything, its still you"

Gender Fluid
13 years old
United States
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Song: Lemon Demon - Two Trucks

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About me:

my name is gamzee, im pansexual and demiromantic.
i like minecraft youtubers and minecraft in general
i also like danganronpa, genshin, bnha, vocaloid, fnaf and a bunch of other things but im not as into those
i really like sciencey things like elements, anatomy and basically anything involving dead bodies
my favorite bands are mindless self indulgence, jovejoy, glass animals and hollywood undead
i will not drink water unless it is flavored with pink lemonade or fruit punch flavor packets
i have an unus annus stick and poke on my left ankle (no i will not show u cause its near my foot and yk, ppl w/ feet)

Who I'd like to meet:

mcyt fans, people around my age, furries and therians, mlp: fim enjoyers, markiplier watchers and just people in general :D

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Ellen DeGeneres

join my google classroom code is 4nfl2je


Thanks 4 the add!