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12 years old
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About me:

hello there :] pls add me if you like any of these thing :D i need friends :[ (oh ye sorry for bad grammar english is not my first language)

i like anime, manga , drawing , reading and gaming

fav games : roblox, minecraft, DOOM, Space invaders, genshin impact, all danganronpa games

fav manga rn: HXH, Demon slayer, Junji ito Uzumaki, mob pshyco 100 and the promised neverland

fav animes: deathnote, devilman crybaby, dorohedoro, mirai nikki, silent voice and HXH

ik my page looks shit rn but im working on it lolz

Who I'd like to meet:

just friends plz i dont have much but i would love to talk!
add me on discord :D : kyzio#2404
i also have a ps4 so if you play genshin impact pls tell me so that we can play togheter :]

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