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"listen to oingo boingo"

16 years old
United States
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Song: Private Life

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About me:

hi!!!! i'm viv :))))

  • i'm an artist, i do art i guess. i recently rediscovered this website and i love the aesthetic. i may or may not use this because i have a tendency to forget things;; i'm in the process of learning how to customize this website so please bear with me it'll look dry at first because i have zero aesthetic skills

  • i listen to tally hall and lemon demon and the likes you know? i also listen to oingo boingo they're a really great group :00 y'all should check them out!! my favorite album by them is nothing to fear (but fear itself) and my favorite song is a tie between islands and private life

  • i have an oc named ivan who has taken the form of my subconscious, he is tall with brown hair, sharp teeth and nails, and wearing a suit. he has a deep voice with a slight british accent. hes cool

credit to cyber btch for the css!!! cool and good (or maybe its cyber_btch its one of the two hfhjfdhf sorry)

Who I'd like to meet:

fellow artists and tally hall/lemon demon/oingo boingo fans, and also people that know how to do CSS because i am NOT a programmer in the slightest ;w;

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Thanks 4 the add!