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17 years old
United States
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Song: Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls (lyrics)

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About me:

hey!!! my namez bluey/excalibur/wayne!!! nice 2 meet u bro

i'm 17, from wv, and i like to draw, read, sew, and make things with my hands!

i use any pronouns, but if u can't choose, stick 2 they/them :3 i'm a lesbian. dirty woman lover and proud!!

i like movies, also, slasher/horror movies the most. just not anything with hospitals anymore (i miss saw 3:)

i also like dungeons and dragons! i've been rping on the internet since i was 11!

i love old gen gorillaz music, along with most heavy metal (old skool rulez) and stuff my girlfriend <3 listens to (mitski, bastille, phoebe bridgers) i also love old blues music.

anyway, it was nice to meet you! i'm super friendly and i'd love to chat- just send me a message!

Who I'd like to meet:

cool people, cooler dykes (as friends <3), gorillaz fans (duh), dog lovers (pitties <3), fellow mac 'n cheese connoisseurs, metalheads who aren't racists or nazis (smush), weird instrument lovers, lost media masters, netflix surfers, new best friends

if you're -14, please ask first before requesting? i feel kinda weird cause like. i'm fuckin' seventeen WKSNSNS just lemme know ur okay w/that i guess? if you're under thirteen i'd prefer not to interact w you; nothin' personal

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