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"heh... heh... hahahahahahaha!"

15 years old
United States
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About me:

((page is a massive wip))
my boyfriend is cute (luc1lfer)
will drop the kin list later, all doubles r fine except for nagito
main interests: danganronpa, homestuck, your turn to die, devilman crybaby, jojo's bizarre adventure, ace attorney, legend of zelda, animal crossing, identity v, genshin, and a lot more but those r the ones i can think of rn.
idv: catboypiss (ADD ME!!!)

insta: p1ssgr3ml1n (cosplay/main) catboyoliver (art)
tiktok: catboyoliver
discord: oli the cat#3670 (message me here before u add me plz)

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone really, don't be afraid to comment on my profile or message me on here.
just dni if:
ur transphobic/homophobic/lesbophobic/biphobic
ur racist
u make fun of neopronouns
u use slurs u can't reclaim
ur antisemitic or just anti any religion or culture in general
ur ableist

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