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"i just wanna throw a fucking molotov, dude."

69 years old
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Song: Sewerslvt - Pretty Cvnt

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About me:

"a pathetic duffel of meat
wracked with heavy sobs,
sobs caused by words,
words which continue to drip.
and sleuce. and spill.
threatening to drown me. pledging to.
promising! and yet i will not drown.
why won't i drown? please let me drown.
let me drown so the words will be no more!"
profile under construction, y'all.
minor. what i have in my pants is
none of your fucking business.
do not interact if you're +18 or -12.

Who I'd like to meet:

people who will either hate-crime or kiss me
based on the exact same criteria. also,
people who will teach me how to work ccs.
i'm fucking struggling here y'all.

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