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13 years old
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I like anime, exploring weird ass websites I find online, im bisexual but tbh I don't feel like im attracted to people so questionable sexuality? im very introverted and quiet, I don't really like people but whatever, I just want to be normal person, and be there. that's it, if your quiet and like anime I don't mind you, your very cool in my perspective, If you want to be friends I don't mind I hope we get along, my favourite anime are Jojo's bizarre adventure, bungou stray dogs, Naruto, attack on titan and toilet bound Hanako kun, I have other favourite anime but these are my top I listen to normal music like mother mother and stuff I like j-pop (not k-pop) and I read manga

Who I'd like to meet:

people with the same interest as me (anime and Jojo's bizarre adventure) im not looking to date anyone just looking for people to hang around with not only with my only two friends

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