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"Ahhh, mwah- Megan Thee Stallion"

14 years old
United States
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Song: Dead To Me- Kali Uchis (slowed+bass boosted)

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About me:


       ✼ Anime
       ✼ Slowed songs
       ✼ Time by myself
       ✼ Bullying 9 year olds on Roblox
       ✼ Scary movies 
       ✼ Diamond painting 
       ✼ Rainy days
       ✼ Any song by Megan Thee Stallion 


       Extra shit ab myself:

       ✼ Pronouns: She/her
       ✼ I have a penny board
       ✼ My zodiac sign is Leo
       ✼ I'm deeply in love with Tsukishima Kei
       ✼ I also own a crusty white dog :')
       ✼ Discord: Massa#1680
       ✼ Tiktok: Thettiee


Who I'd like to meet:

       Other people who watch anime or have similar interests :)
                          New friends 
                       People to vibe with
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