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101 years old
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About me:

aka ragna-rox
hiiii i'm ragnhildr! but u shld just call me ragna
she/her i guess? but idrc
dyke n queer n proud as fuck of both thingz
ready 2 fight sm1 at all timez
if u cant read smt i wrote u can jst ask me to transl8 idm giving xplanationz 2 ppl who need em

not a css xpert at ALL but learned some trickz making my theme! and i'll probly learn more helping l0ki with themez! so u can msg me if u want n i can try 2 help if it's smt i kno abt

Who I'd like to meet:

if ur queer n alt add me. i wld like 2 vibe

if ur a kpop stan, just know that ur side of th internet makez litrally evry1 else feel fear. n im not 1 of u even tho i like all the kpop ive heard, therefore im not exception. the rest of stan twt too :/ ur scary n not in a kool way. begone pls if ur on there n rnt v v diff from the norm 4 it

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