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"'meow x3' or whtvr "

69 years old
United States
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Song: jealous !!

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About me:

hi !! my name is chair :3 !!
they/them <3 im pansexual !!
my fav colorz r black n white but if u wna argue that they aren't colors then pink !!
i like anime , animalz , music , and you ^=^ !!
i have alternative beliefs and style but i do not identify as alt n am simply just myself <3
some of my favorite music artists r lil peep , hotel brooks , shattered , familypet , guardin , ilytommy , carpetgarden , and more !!
some of my favorite gamez r ori and the blind forest , detroit become human , life is strange , fran bow , among us , and many more !!
i wnt a cat bf 2 match discord pfpz with asf !

Who I'd like to meet:

you <3 !!
i rlly do hope 2 meet new ppl here !! i prolly wont reach out first because i get anxious so dnt hesitate to reach out first <33
if i add u its me saying "u seem so swag !! but im too scared to message u so message me !!" (:
add me on discord to talk more ;D - chairrawruwulolxd#6969

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