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"hey kitten 😈"

14 years old
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Song: Lil Uzi Vert - You Better Move [Official Audio]

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About me:

• AYEOOOO!!!! my name is spruce and im a sexy beast
ᙙᙖ my pronouns are he/him
ᙙᙖ im a minor so dont be weird ఠ ͟ಠ
ᙙᙖ im bisexual and trans (ftm) sheeeshh
:. .:
• my interests are:
ᙙᙖ minecraft (minecraft yts)
ᙙᙖ idv
ᙙᙖ ponytown
ᙙᙖ Cars 2
ᙙᙖ eddsworld
ᙙᙖ roblox
:. .:
• Some of my kins are:

ᙙᙖ Francesco from cars 2
ᙙᙖ wakko warner
ᙙᙖ numbah 4
ᙙᙖ deadpool
:. .:
• add me if you got mad drip

Who I'd like to meet:

• norton campbellhimself
• bitches who play idv
• obama
• ur mom

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