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13 years old
United States
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Song: hayloft - mother mother

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About me:

1 D0N'T KN0W H0W T0 C0D3 LM40
h3ll0 lgbtq c0mmun1ty!!! my n4m3's 3m1!!! 1'm 4 b1s3xu4l d3m1g1rl!!! 1 l0v3 t0 dr4w, r3ad, 4nd w4tch 4n1m3!!! s0m3 0f my f4v0r1t3 mus1c4l 4rt1sts 1nclud3 th3 n31ghb0urh00d, 4rct1c m0nk3ys, n1rv4n4, gr33n d4y, m3lan13 m4rt1n3z, b1ll13 31ll1sh, m0th3r m0th3r, c4v3t0wn, 3!0H!3, and m0st v0c4l01d 4rt1sts!!! s0m3 0f my f4v0rit3 4n1m3s 4r3 d4ng4nr0np4, d34thn0t3, t0ky0 gh0ul, k4k3guru1, t01l3t-b0und h4n4k0-kun, d3m0n sl4y3r, th3 pr0m1s3d n3v3rland, 4nd 4lm0st 4ny S0L, BL, 0r thr1ll3r!!! s0m3 0f my f4v0r1t3 v1d30 g4m3s 4re m1n3cr4ft, r0bl0x, 0v3rw4tch, r0ck3t l34gu3, 4nd r4inb0w 6!!!
pl34s3 ch3ck 0ut my s0c14ls!!!
d1sc0rd: em lol#6969
t1kt0k: @dhaddydiluc

Who I'd like to meet:

4ny0n3 th4t...
• l1k3s 4n1m3, mus1c, v1d30 g4m3s, r34d1ng, 4nd/0r dr4w1ng
• 1s N0T a p3d0ph1le, r4c1st, s3x1st, h0m0ph0b1c, tr4nsph0b1c, f4tph0b1c, etc...
• 1s 0r supp0rts th3 lgbtq+ c0mmun1ty
• 1s und3r 18 (n0 0ff3ns3 t0 th3 4dults qwq)
• 4nd, 4ny0n3 th4t 1sn't -cu3s t0x1c - br1tt4ny sp34rs-

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