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Gender Questioning
13 years old
United Kingdom
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Song: dear-maria-count-me-in-hd

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About me:

pronouns: any !!
sexuality: omnisexual
relationship status: taken <3
political compass: libleft
mbti: infj
star sign: virgo
!! minor !!

Who I'd like to meet:

energy drink lovers, bad-smelling skaters, bimbos, himbos, thembos, bimboys, those on stan twt, self-identified assholes, l lawliet or nate river supremacists, anyone with a god complex, lgbtq+ homies, communists, government-hating hotties, anarchists, socialists, people who love their mbti results, anyone who lives by the political compass, arsonists, ex bandom members, those who read the 2016 milk enema fic, gorrilaz supremacists, gerard way simps, non-racist mindless self indulgence fans and swag havers

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