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"Super mega sora megpoid 64!!!"

101 years old
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Song: pandemonium

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About me:

if anyone knows how to change the header tell me because i am a dumbass.

im an idiot wannabe emo going through a jojo brainrot phase <3 lets be cringe 2gether.
I dont like discussing politics and also im pretty eh on them i woudnt define myself on any "side"
i like things like medabots, drawing, Final Fantasy, motorcity, bla bla bla too many to put here.
the music i listen to varies a lot but here:
mcr, nirvana, the cranberries, bonnie tyler, boa, billy idol (Not billie eilish, BILLY IDOL), evanescence, kanon wakeshima, malice mizer,
david bowie, daft punk, blink 182, simple plan, aqua, owl city switchblade symphony, avril lavigne AND SO MANY MORE

i dont precisely kin but here are what would be my kins;
Tenna (JTHM), Kazooie (banjo-kazooie) and Metabee (medabots). Neku n Shiki (twewy) Teacher (alice mare) protoboy (robotboy)

and yes my page sucks because ive never done this before lol.
ALSO. english is my second language so i suck at it my first is spanish

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone whos cool <3 im accepting of everyone

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