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Gender Fluid
14 years old
United States
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Song: Love me. Love me. Love me. - Kikuo

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About me:

work in progress .... ^u^
im tobias (tobi) !! (he/she/it + neopronouns)
4teen, autistic + adhd, slytherin
discord: blurry#6261
. . . . .
~ you kin oikawa tooru from haikyuu, makoto naegi from danganronpa v1, or mikan tsumiki from danganronpa v2
~ homophobic, transphobic, ableist, racist, etc
~ you ship byakuya togami and toko fukawa
~ you stan hisoka from hunter x hunter
~ you are disrespectful towards psychotic people
~ you use he/him for chihiro fujisaki (they/them and she/her only)
~ you invalidate triggers or mock trigger warnings
~ you are both neurotypical and cisgender
. . . . . .
~ i am oikawa tooru, mikan tsumiki, and makoto naegi in the real /srs (not kin)
~ i am psychotic
~ i go non-verbal frequently!
~ i reclaim the f and q slurs
~ i have autism, adhd, anxiety, and bipolar depression
~ i am very fragile so please be gentle with me T__T
~ my boyfriends r iwaizumi hajime and byakuya togami. dni if you romcc either of them or kin hajime
. . . . . .
~ haikyuu
~ danganronpa
~ twenty one pilots
~ hatsune miku + vocaloid
~ loona (my bias is yeojin but i love all the girls!)
~ bts (my bias is jungkook! my wreckers are jimin and yoongi!)
~ wilbur soot
~ given
~ among us
~ yuri on ice
~ the disastrous life of saiki k
~ ouran high school host club

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone who shares the same interests as i do !! ^___^

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hi i lobe u


graaahhh sorry this looks so bad rn >__> im still workin on it and im tryna understand css more =P