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Gender Fluid
15 years old
United States
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Song: Papa's Freezeria - Order StationLobby Music

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About me:

hi! i go by either sam or basil, whichever works!
!! minor !!
ace, demifluid, and bi B)
ISTP-T 6w5
i highly suspect i have ADHD but i have not been tested yet :/
i like to draw and i also like a few other things, like jjba, hxh, vocaloid, fnaf, video games (like splatoon 2, fantasy life, genshin impact, acnl + acnh, etc), yadda yadda. feel free to ask me about my other interests because no doubt i'm forgetting a few things

discord: miku in minecraft#0186

tumblr: @j0lyne-cuj0h

Who I'd like to meet:

other people with similar interests to mine, but also just new people in general, i love talking to people so please feel free to chat with me!!! i am a little shy so unless i get a random burst of confidence i won't be starting any conversations,, but i will always try my best to respond to messages!

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