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"diagnosed with daddy issues"

Gender Nonconforming
18 years old
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Song: Give 'Em Hell, Kid

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About me:

idfk what's going on up here tbh
xe/xim/xis or fae/faer/faers
im gay as fuck
i swear im an emo kid
discord: mirosphere#7578 (say ur from myspace)

kin list

  • keith (vld)
  • momiji (fruits basket)
  • shinji ikari (evangelion)
  • felix hugo fraldarius (fe3h)
  • sylvain jose gautier (fe3h)
  • peter pan, god i wish i was kidding
  • hatsuharu (fruits basket)


  • u don't respect neopronouns
  • ur a pedophile/nomap/map
  • u don't support blm/acab
  • u support kalvin garrah
  • u still watch onision
  • u kin junko enoshima or light yagami (yall scare me)
  • ur a terf/swerf/radfem

Who I'd like to meet:

  • kpop boy group stans

    • atinys, stays, verrers and moas get a free pass
    • if ur a boy group stan join meee <33
  • fellow tumblr emos

  • people who watched the entirety of vld and hated it

  • leftists and alt bitches

  • if u listen to fall out boy, against me, my chem

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