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"a b0dy h4s b3en d1sc0ver3d !! "

13 years old
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Song: Neru-Lost-One-s-Weeping-feat-Kagamine-Rin_8oBV3jPTW4s

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About me:

i go by Len and Finn :D you can use whichever name you like better ! still honestly figuring out if im non-binary or just a trans man :,)
˙˚ʚ(⭑→ 𓎟 ← ⭑)ɞ˚˙
i use he/they pronouns :D
˙˚ʚ(⭑→ 𓎟 ← ⭑)ɞ˚˙
i like anime, a bit of kpop, jpop, vocaloid, danganronpa, yttd, catboys, quackity, wilbur soot.. and a lot more things xD
i would love to cosplay, but i'm broke and i don't really have personal space :,( this might sound stupid, but i gen love the emo aesthetic !!1
˙˚ʚ(⭑→ 𓎟 ← ⭑)ɞ˚˙
high kins: hajime hinata, mikan tsumiki, yuri (ddlc) :3 (yes im a kinnie, meow)
˙˚ʚ(⭑→ 𓎟 ← ⭑)ɞ˚˙
currently obsessing over: anime yanderes, vampires, jeff the killer, dan and phil, minecraft :3
˙˚ʚ(⭑→ 𓎟 ← ⭑)ɞ˚˙
(profile in progress, im still working out all the css)
(´。• ω •。`)

Who I'd like to meet:

if you have the same interests i hope we can be friends !!1 just don't be fucking homophobic, racist and ableist !! oh and im sorry but i don't accept adults :((
have a gud day !!

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thanks for the add ^^