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"certified simp"

15 years old
United States
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Song: IMG_4308

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About me:

my name is alesha but u can call me ale !! pronouns - she/her :)
i'm an idiot who doesn't understand css lol
sum more info~
fav animes: haikyu!, k-on!, soul eater, and tbhk!!
watching atm: jojo's bizarre adventure, saiki k
reading atm: toilet-bound hanako-kun
fav songs atm: jubilee line - wilbur + chandelier - will paquin
i occasionally play minecraft, roblox, and genshin impact~
my music taste is all over the place haha
i believe in kozume kenma supremacy >:)
enfp !! + cancer!! rising gemini!! capricorn moon + chaotic neutral !!
my discord is applepi#5242 <3 - pls i'm rarely active srry :((
rlly srry if i don't respond immediately!! (sometimes i forget abt this acc ehehe)

Who I'd like to meet:

I’d love to meet new friends that have similar interests like me !!
i can sometimes be very shy at first but later on I’ll never shut up lol :))
preferably, i’d like to make friends with someone closer to my age !!

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