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"fuck it, hood scene kid"

69 years old
Russian Federation
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Song: R4V3 B0Y - S3RL feat Krystal

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About me:

hey lmao thats me in my pvp if u wanted 2 know what i looked like
im julia, im 13
my favorite movies are v is for vendetta and thirteen
My favorite shows are the office, vampire diaries, and hxh
My favorite artists atm are nirvana,bring me the horizon,jeffree star, infant annihilator, Falling in Reverse, Laura les, deftones, chief keef, deftones, lil wayne and ofc nicki minaj
Im rlly into film and art and that typa shit
I like to draw things ^^
I love love love phycological thrillers and horror movies
i fw anime
honestly no super specific aestethic i just do whatever i want
my birthday be september 29 lolz
CSS CREDS 2 GENESIS (https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=59995) TYSM !!

Who I'd like to meet:

hot scene bitches
people with my same interests and same age range.(13-17) and someone who knows whatever tf css is
add my tiktok @thisisandpiturtle

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