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Gender Questioning
14 years old
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About me:

well shit so here a bit about myself ig
• i listen to girl in red, yk like very
lesbian ♡
• but also mitski so thats easy
explanation of my mental health
• and uhh i do art and meet with
friends x3!! OH and i watch anime
• zoya aint my actual name, just a
nickname, but like i use it more often
• my pronouns are she/they, most likely :0
• my alternative subculture is
either goth harajuku, kinderwhore or
kinlist?? also a warning tbh :'3
•yuri (ddlc)
•ryo (dmcb)
•sayaka (kakegurui)
•hanako AND tsukasa, both :| (tbhk)
•junko, celestia and maki (danganronpa)
•squidward (not a joke)
•kenma, tendou and oikawa 🥰 (haikyuu)
•kurapika and illumi?? (hxh)
•bill fukcing cipher (:|)
•..bojack horsemen :( (ONLY THE TRAUMA YALL)
•707 and jaehee (mm)
•ohh and also lowkey kokichi (danganronpa)
•lastly L (death note)
this is giving you a chance to run away bow btw

Who I'd like to meet:

catboys and vampires /nj
BTW MESSAGE ME FIRST, cause i'm too much of a pussy to do it myself

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natsuhiko pfp.. very epic


Thanks 4 the add!