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Gender Questioning
13 years old
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Song: meth wax graveyard dust

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About me:

hi <3 dont expect much from this page lol im still working on trying to design it :)
my discord is cece#4167 tho
i play roblox and minecraft
acab, blm, trans lives matter and fuck trump
i also accept neopronouns im just bad at learning them lol
Im pansexual <3
My main pronouns are she/her but im fine with any :)
i also love pizza rolls
Im a cancer ENFP
i also love Soul Eater
my favorite bands are
-Meth Wax
-Have a nice life
-Lsd and the search for god
-My bloody valentine
-Jack off jill
-Current joys
-dandelion hands
-teen suicide
-salvia palth
-dead dog
& other stuff lol

my spotify is https://open.spotify.com/user/ns863je2q8blm42gjh4c32gu0

Who I'd like to meet:

ill talk w/ any 1!!

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