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"Ni Dieu ni maître!"

15 years old
United States
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About me:

hey !! welcome idiots !! :]
i’m ari !^^;; (if you know me from a game, you can still call me lemon!)
i use she.her pronouns pls
im a pisces and istp-t :>
i love playing games, and some of my fav games are genshin impact, borderlands 2, left 4 dead 2, and terraria! hmu so we can play, im in us:D
currently playing = genshin impact! message me for my friend code and we can play! i’m ar 50 and my main dps is razor and i’m building venti still:]
my fav colours are green and orange:]
i like youtubers like mcnasty, disguised toast, mogawty, thegamingbadger and more :D
bestfren = bizzarream &&sadshroom:p
currently watching = fairy tail !

Who I'd like to meet:

ppl who want to play genshin with me! my mind can careless about anything other than genshin right now ;;

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