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k3ik0 !!

"h3llo !! let7s be fwends! "

Cisgender Woman
14 years old
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About me:

hello !! im keikoo! i rlly like breakcore and sp33dc0re mus1c !! i luv anime too0! xd i rlly l0ve 5anri00 7oo!! i am a m4ladap7iv3 d4ydreameerr !´ω`*)
my pr0noun55 at3 kitty/kittyself !!

hello !! my name is keiko! i really like breakcore and speedcore music !! i really love anime too! xd i really love sanrio too!! i am a maladaptive daydreamer! (´ω`)
my pronouns are kitty/kittyself!

Who I'd like to meet:

i'd lik3 t0 meet p30pl3 7ha7 liste3n to th3 5am3 musicc i doo!! 4nd pl5 be 14-17 (≧▽≦)

i'd like to meet people that listen to the same music i do!! and pls be 14-17 (≧▽≦)

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Seiko ♡

HIIIII IM SEIKO!!!!!!! TY 4 DA ADD!!!!!!!!1


Thanks 4 the add!