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"I don't know whether to be annoyed or tired"

21 years old
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Song: Saint Bernard

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About me:

                                                                                       who am i?                     Homestuck....

I dont know

                                                what do i write about 

                       what do i say 

                                                                                                                        no one cares

ah well crap, guess ill start here- Call me saint, I'm 21 years old and Canadian, More than anything I love history- just a big old loser when it comes to that stuff, but besides that im like, the most basic stoner ever, love myself some rock music to jam out to with my friends while gettin fried. Besides that lets see....

for astrology: Sun-♊ Ascendant-♉ Moon-♈

Anime genres: Psychological, horror. Fan of stuff like paranoia agent and such, but ive watched the classics like inyuasha, naruto and the likes lol

My music choice is vaaaast and ever expanding, literally doesnt matter what music taste you got, HAND THE TUNES OVER

Videogames, yeah im a fan of rpgs and horror games, love me roguelikes too lol im on xbox and discord, pm me and get my details ahah but when it comes to games, catch me playing ck2, apex with my lil brothers, and then the usual like witcher 3, ancestors, civ 5, darksouls (all of em) bloodborne, etc.

might be pretty but i kick ass- 6'1 and lookin down on these fooools

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone whos really into the alt scene would be neet, tbh tho im into a shit load of things, come at me if you love history, anime, video games, books, hell hit me up if you like weird shit lmao show it to me, id appreciate it ;) plus its a way to break the ice lol

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