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"Certified freak // Four hours of sleep"

Gender Fluid
17 years old
United States
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Song: 08 Combat

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About me:

//Genderfluid, leaning feminine//
//He/she/they (err on the side of she/they)//
//My page is a woork in progress, sorry!!//
Artist, strategist, aspiring music reviewer, complete bitch, robo-pussy extraordinaire. Recommend me whatever the fuck kinda music you want, I love it. My opinions might suck. On top of that, I have no idea whether my opinions will get better or worse over time. Scary thought, huh.
Ask me about, like... music. My favorite of a genre, what I'm currently listening to, I don't know. I'm just testing the waters right now. Never gone music nerd on main before.

My profile picture was made by @angelx____x on Insta.

Fandoms I'm a part of:

  • Homestuck
  • Smash Bros.: Ultimate as a casually competitive Game & Watch/Marth co-main; Melee strictly as a spectator; Smash Flash 2 as a lab rat (literally—I play Pichu) that can never get any actual matches in
  • Magic: the Gathering: I'm not as competitive as I used to be; I'd like to get back into it seriously
  • Fire Emblem: kinda, mostly the GBA games; again, would like to get back into it

Who I'd like to meet:

Music people, Homestucks, anyone friendly, really. I like to think I'm prepared for whatever hits me.
Update: After meeting some of the people on this site, I can say with certainty that I was NOT prepared.

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hehe cock


Thanks for the music recommendation! Muse has such a iconic sound I forgot how their music was




Thanks 4 the add!