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"I hate gay people so much, it’s unbelievable."

67 years old
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Song: Welcome_to_Kitty_City

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About me:

Hello, I am Mildly. I am completely awesome, no one is cooler than me. I am the omnipotent being. Anyone in my way gets annihilated, but there is a singular gay being who stands in my way. Lune, oh Lune. Lune makes fun of me every day, calling me different names. Lune calls me slurs, names me as the Hatsune Miku kinnie. I am in constant grief because of this. Lune’s torment is getting to me, I don’t know how much longer I can take it. This gay bitch, gay fucking rodent keeps making fun of me, I cannot take it. I am going to murder Lune, I am going to reduce him to atoms. Lune will no longer exist, He will regret meeting me. Regret tormenting this omnipotent being.

Who I'd like to meet:

I am going to snap you in half with my gigantic arms, I'll grab you by the torso with my left-hand while grabbing your head with my right. I will begin to flex, my veins bulging, looking like they are going to burst. I begin to scream while flexing you, you begin to look like a candy cane left in the garage. The finale, you're fully in half, pieces of glass shooting out of you. I throw you on the ground with pride, I feel like I just ran a marathon.

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