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"I am Judy. Don´t cross the line."

Trans* Man
45 years old
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About me:

My name is Judy nothing more. My husband Marty decided it was funny to put my name as this. I asked to speak to his manager and managed to get a divorce. a- ha- ha- ha- ha. Wait what so funny?! Put your mother on the phone!! Don´t step over the line or I will make your life hell. Believe me. Oh you doubt me? Give me your name, number, adress, place of work, and coporate number. Right now!

Who I'd like to meet:

No one. I have all the managers in the world that absoloutely adore me! RIGHT GUYS?! (screaming from basement) DON´T MAKE ME CALL YOUR CEOs! Sorry anyways, Yes I will update about my CEO, coperate, manager, etc. calls. If you don´t like it then learn to like it.

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OMG guys today was awful. I had to call upon my sista Karen to get clay from the office since MARTY was there trying to give me flowas. I mean come on Marty you shouldnt have broken my fragile heart. This is on you. I had to call his motha in to get him poor guy was hysterical he was in teas. Him motha had to drag him out. Well Marty, hope it was fun but you know who you married. Dont go tellin our children crap about me or your gonna get it see. Ugh


get me coffee from the break room eversince the inccident ive been prohibited


Thanks 4 the add!