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26 years old
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Song: Makes me dizzy 16 - Acid BD2(MP3_128K)

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I'm a trasgressor of laws againist new world order and like all mistery things I can find about to pass my time fullfil my curiosity abouth mystery, I like scooby doo and I smoke same as shaggy no 1 dislike a Good pot of weed, nice to meet you, yet let's go together to the underground, near the bush of the sound, oh sith it's a rave, my English not so Good but I would it learn better 1 day, so thats me a mad boy confused and rebel, but don't be scared, I'm like to joking

Who I'd like to meet:

I like to meet people with style and different kinds of mentality or a bit mad https://ct.pimp-my-profile.com/i59/2/7/25/pmp_5a6fabf00a8b2a784c14a055163798e5.jpg

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