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"I swear I'm nice"

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19 years old
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Song: Halsey - 929 (Official Instrumental)

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About me:

Please ignore how horrible this layout is im v new. Hi! my name is Aiden. I am bi/pan. Ive been a dan and phil stan since like 2014 so i had to give this shiz a go. I love making friends but im not great at it. I do cosplay with my friend and also make shitty tik toks when im bored. I tried a youtube channel once and just didnt upload after like 3 videos. If you wanna see any of my other social media my name is almost always @aidenbryer. My cosplay insta is @sour.baby.cos so it'd be really cool if you checked that out. Again I apoligise for my noobish layout. Also im not a crazy phannie (anymore). I also love halsey, melanie martinez, troye sivan, die antwoord, and miscellaneous other artists. I am studying art at the moment so i guess i can kinda draw but not great. I'm still learning who i am so if we chat please be patient with me x). You can message me about anything im happy to chat or if you need someone to rant to.

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone who wants to talk to me honestly :)

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ok why do i now want to make a new wattpad account this is taking me way back


Thanks 4 the add!