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"Repent, motherfucker!"
18 years old
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hello gamers,

I'm very sorry for being inactive recently.
when I made an account, I didn't expect for the community to be so welcoming, I didn't expect to make any friends. so when I joined I didn't expect to really get to talk to anyone or be included.
I was proven very wrong as everyone here turned out to be kind, inclusive and generally wholesome. I have interacted with a ton of newer members like me and older members alike, who were all extremely sweet. of course myspace93 has had its issues with hitlists and other bad situations, but that sort of thing would never push me away. watching the community's response be to show support to the people targetted and affected made it feel safe here.
I have definitely not quit, but I unfortunately experience a huge drain whenever I socialize alot and I tend to unintentionally overwhelm myself. I don't have the tools to understand why it happens or deal with it when it does, because I'm usually having a good time and then suddenly I don't have any motivation anymore which leads to stress, which leads to long periods of not being online or talking to anyone.
I'm going to try my best to, instead of having off and on random times, coming online at least 2 times a week whenever I'm working on something in my free time so I can still be active but also healthy.
I hope everyone has been having a good week, I'll come on later to respond to all of my messages and comment on some blogs :)



ok, who wants to drop all of their knowledge on the hotgirl situation, she just made a blog post saying shes quitting, is it actually because of turanksu uwu policing her?

edit: we have reached comment maximum
btw yeah idk wtf rig is doing



my css

updated (and current) css: https://pastebin.com/CETGVv6E

the look is a bit different and theres a new footer animation! so pog

important note: css is mobile friendly. on mobile, animations are removed, the footer is hidden, and topleft is set to top:0; because of the way mobile is formatted.

old css (the one that had dashed borders and was more blocky): https://pastebin.com/e6WBqKTN

this one is also mobile friendly, animations are removed and footer is hidden on mobile
new: footer animation.
btw, why do you guys keep removing the topright or topleft animation but keeping the other? pls I want to know

whatever you use it for, as a base or for one part of the css or just as a template, I don't care! do what you want with it.
I don't want or need credit.

keep in mind I'm not a coder or someone very skilled at css so it might be cluttered, have problems, be kinda spaghetti and need adjustments for whatever you put in it.

if you need any help, can't find something or have questions, comment or message me and I'll do my best to help you asap!!


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