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"drink ass. "
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heyyyy help

okay so like if i ever said im going to make you a css please message me so I can send it to you like I have it done and ready I just forgot who Im supposed to give it to i have a horrible memory man

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please please read

okay so I keep forgetting to do this and I am sorry but when I first came here I have to give a big big great credit to sskailyn at first I used her CSS layout when I first came to myspace93 and it helped me a lot to what I can do now she's honestly amazing and I should have given her credit a long time ago since she worked so hard on it but thanks to her I can kinda do css :) please follow her she's so amazing and cool <3 here's her page - https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=5778
please please follow her and show her a ton of love, thank you sskailyn.


Custom CSS

HI! so i put this on my second page but I forgot to put it on my main page but I do custom CSS for people so if you want me to make you a custom just message me :]

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okay hi so you guys know i make CSS and i put it in a doc right so I made new ones but trust me these are 100% better but I separate the soft css and the dark css (emo, goth, mall goth, etc.) and in each ones there are songs for it if that makes sense so here you go :]

π™Žπ™Šπ™π™ π˜Ύπ™Žπ™Ž

π˜Ώπ˜Όπ™π™† π˜Ύπ™Žπ™Ž

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woah im one of those people that hit 1k o.o didn't think it was possible since I barley talk to people here only because I'm socially awkward but that's fine :D anyways thank you, thank you very much :] now here's a hamster stuffing his checks >:)


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hiii so i decided im going to make a new document of improved CSS that I made and you could use :))
its not fully finished I have like three done so far I'm going to be doing more :)
there's CSS that I made and songs that you can use :)


hey heyyyyy

I just wanted to say hiii and check up on anyone like if anyone is looking at my page ._. but anyways I just wanted to say if you ever need help just know I'm right here with anything I swear I'm nice :)) anyways have a good day and be a good frog >:(


Anime's to watch :)

im going to give you anime you should watch (If you want..)
you could also give me suggestions to put on here :)

1.) Haikyuu
2.) My hero Academia
3.) One punch Man
4.) A silent voice (this is a movie but it's worth it)
5.) Tokyo ghoul
6.) Attack on Titan
7.) Ouran host club
8.) Deathnote
9.) K
10.) The Future Diary
11.) No Game No Life
12.) Sailor Moon
13.) food wars
14.) one piece
15.) naruto
16.) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
17.) Fairy Tale
18.) Dr. stone
19.) Banna fish
20.) blood lad
21.) DragonBall Z
22.) black butler
23.) The Promised Neverland
24.) Saiki k
25.) great pretender
26.) Anohana
27.) hunter x hunter
28.) erased
29.) Toradora
(there's a lot more but I just can't remember all of them right now ill add more once I remember ._.)