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"Bodysnatchers 4 Ever"
69 years old
United States
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tiktok ppl

hi i cant be assed to add all the ppl that have been online recently as i barely hav the motivation to login LOL but my pc is back to its normal spot in my house so hopefully ill be on more ??

not much going on .. like literally not a single thing .. got a my chem tee and fingerless skeleton gloves LOL so ive solidified my place in the frank kinnie community </3 oh wait i also have a bass now SO NOT COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually that works against the frank thing cos he joked ab bass players being failed guitarists LOOLLLL i'm now in the middle ground between mikey and frank. still FUCK

her name is Jane btw. after jane fonda. bc she's red and the red made me think of that iconic coat jane wore to a protest yk. I love jane fonda dearly

that is actually it im pretty sure .. got apple music 2 my username is VAMPUI add me if ur into THAT and u can always pm for my twitter .. yup i spose that's all

cool image: https://64.media.tumblr.com/7b51d0d956be074f67d0bf9985069ec1/tumblr_ox0g7b6Hr21wy9tz1o2_400.png
love him . the real gabe saporta is barely on ms93 anymore but i love them too <3 if u see this u know!!!!!!!!
ok that will be all for real . adios

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