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Jazzicakes90901's Blog

"life sux but I got my coffee so itz good"
18 years old
United States
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about me!

new blog alert! whaaaaaat?
A little info about me!
My name is Jazzi
I go by they/she pronouns!
The age on screen is glitched and idk how to change it yet, but I am actually going to be 18 July 19th!
currently 17 :))
my favorite bands/musicians are as follows!:
Three days grace, hollywood undead, mcr, s3rl, hellogoodbye, heyhihello!, the downtown fiction, the perfect measure, red jumpsuit apparatus, falling in reverse, owl city, I set my friends on fire, all american rejects, 3oh!3, green day, the fray, fall out boy, papa roach, and soooo much more XD
My favorite colors are ALL OF THEM but mostly shades of blue's and green's
favorite food is takis and favorite drink is COFFEE
oddly known in my friend group as the coffee gremlin XD
I live in florida so to all my FL buddies, hello!!!!
ok gonna go very tired lol
xoxo Jazzi 5/12/21

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