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"still working with the profile..."
1 years old
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Stuff to be aware

🐾note: this will be updated and wont stay the same!

  • About me
    I am a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry shy person and I get too anxious with new people when talking to directly, I might take WAY too long 2 respond and also be a lil awkward if i'm not familiar with you so sorry abt that!
  • DNI
    do not interact w/ me if
    🐾you have an NSFW profile
    🐾you have a veerrry creepy profile (yes I like creepy stuff but to a certain point,, dunno how 2 explain this 1)
    🐾you think SH is cool and aesthetic
    🐾you sexualize words such "daddy" or "mommy"
    🐾you are from SUA, aka the surface (yknow who im talking about)
    🐾you are edgy (edgy in like sending threats or harming others, etc..)
    🐾you shit on other's interest/likes
    🐾you are 30 and above, or below 12
    🐾racist, homophobic,etc etc (yknow what i mean)
  • Triggers
    🐾forced eye contact
    🐾that dreamcore type of eyes, or just creepy eyes
    nothing else bugs me! tho, I get very uncomfy with gore vids (images fine, tho its better not to post 'em here) , and a lil uncomfy with NSFW media
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