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!!D N I!!

hello, lovelies! so i've seen many people do their dni's on here and i just wanted to add mine! ^^


if you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, or a bigot in general. however, if you wish to debate then hmu so i can prove your dumbass wrong! :)

you support yarchin bitch club. please do not even breathe in the same room as me. ybc has s^xual content of minors and includes r^pe. it fetishizes gay relationships. as a guy in an mlm relationship rn, it's fucking gross to see you all act like we are just some pets for your enjoyment. i also do not give a shit if "tHe sONg iS a baNGeR-" or "i dONT sUppORt iT bUt [insert character] iS sO HOt!!" don't all to me if you associate yourself with it in any way.

if you like yagami sharto. she shat in her bathroom in an audio pLEASE- but also, she lewds minors, idc if they are fictional. the fact you looked at a child and thought, "i wonder what they would look like while climaxing" is FUCKING GROSS she also was saying s^xual/inappropriate shit to a minor. that's a whole different story.

if you're a fushoji. or fetishize wlw relationships and read yuri.

if you support jschlatt.

you dsmp stannies are on real thin fuckin ice

also if you support lil darkie or have his songs on ur page (if u don't understand why he sucks it's okay just ask! :]

pretty please don't be under 12 or over 20 yrs. ty! :) unless ur cool and i fuck wit u then yuh

and i think that's it! if i think of more i'll add more. but yeah! that's all for now, byebyeeee!

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𝗸𝗮𝗶 <𝟯

"tHaTS tOO muCH!!1111!!1!!" wanna know what else is too much, the amount of inches i have in ur mom. :)