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"yell meow and the ghost of me will come"
13 years old
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types of meows

hello my name is tea and i am going to be explaining types of meows that exist ok
first of all - happi meow
happi meow is for happi situations when something happens and u say meow bc u have nothing else to say.
second of all - confuzed meow, is for moments when something so confuzing happens that you just have to say meow bc why not
angry meow is for when we angry and we need to yell "meow" (yelling can be excluded)
sad meow :( is when we so sad we have to confuze someone by saying "meow" bc its funny
sad meow can very easily be cringy so beware
an thats it from me, i hope you enjoyed this blog and i hope it isn't too weird okay heeh

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