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"❤ Will Wood my Beloved ❤"
69 years old
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❤Random shit I wanna say❤

  • 4/13/2021

I could just keep making more and more myspace accounts forever, and keep coding CSS forever. It'll keep me occupied for years!!

I'm gonna put it on my bucket list, create 100 myspace accounts.

(update: I think I'm gonna make these following accounts:

Pre-game Shuichi/Pre-game Kokichi
Vocaloid (possibly miku not sure)
Friday Night Funkin (haven't decided a character just yet)
Soul Eater themed

  • 4/14/2021

Does anyone else hate over-sharing?
Like you think it's better if we were just friends talking about dumb shit rather than knowing a bunch about one anothers' trauma.

  • 4/25/2021

I just need to rant/vent.

So I have this friend, they make me feel like shit whenever I'm around them. They have nothing positive to say about me. Whenever I see them with their other friends they don't treat them like how they treat me. They judge me for anything and everything. They've even told me to die, twice. All of this has happened but I still can't help to love them, and they say they love me. I'd cry myself to sleep if I ever leave them but I don't wanna be around them.

I can't take this anymore. I don't have that many close friends and we've been through a lot together. help

Update for yesterday's blog.

  • 4/27/2021

Somebody call me pretty boy, I'm begging you. Just slide in my DMs and call me a pretty boy, I don't care when or where JUST DO IT PLEASEEEEEE

  • 5/8/2021

Went to some crafts store and bought a shit load of beads, currently making a frank iero themed 3 row cuff

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