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13 years old
United States
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Also why was my page here oneshot stuff

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Yo what up


had another dream

i was in a warehouse/factory looking place (at night) i was breaking in and basically guards came in while I was on top of one of the ceiling lamps and saw me and I had to run through the place so that they couldn't apprehend me, apparently, the place was a school, anyways I manage to escape and so I go to the place during the day and it has an entrance like a movie theater, (the teacher monitored the entrance and told me not to say anything about the break-in or else I'd be questioned.) anyways so I go into the cafeteria, and it looked EXACTLY like the main hall from danganronpa thh, (the area they're in before they go to the gym in the prologue, the area with big safe wall with guns, [also, I haven't thought about danganronpa in forever so I wonder where it came from]) except with a bunch of long picnic tables, I sit down somewhere and the principal comes up and talks about the death of a kid, (I think????? it might've been him talking about the break-in,) and then I try to get up and yell at him because he's evil or doesn't mean it or something like that but some kid next to me grabs my arm and tells me not to do it.

Anyways, that's about all i could remember from the dream so yeah


had a myspace dream

had a dream i was browsing myspace and I got a message from ibroskufken, I cant remember what they said tho
edit: also their page was the brightest blue I've ever seen


browsing myspace

listening to oneshot ost and browsing myspace hits different bro
I'm just hitting random, but wow bro, so many abandoned accounts.
like one of my biggest fears is being forgotten, and this just contributes to that fear, like any day on the internet could be my last, and that's a scary thought to me,
of course, some of these accounts are just people who made an account once and would never use this service again even if they could, but some accounts are people who lived here for months and loved this service, but then suddenly, they're gone without a trace, of course, there's still their blogs, but it seemed like they never intended on leaving.

I wonder if I will disappear like that too.

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just realized something

both of my alts have more friends then my personal, lmao

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we purple now boys

purple time


oneshot good...

play it please

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found this weird shirt

it doesn't feel like real clothes
Like it feels like what aliens would make clothes if they were described to them through a 30 player game of telephone

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Ai generated music is cool

Musenet generates some banger video game music (sometimes) if you set it to video game genre and none as intro, in advanced settings, but some of the other genres are good as well