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"Hello adventurer. Stop and rest here for a while."
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What makes life good

Hello to all of my friends. I'm sure that lot of you know how does it feel to be sad, and depressed. So I thought that it would be good idea to make text about thinks that make me happy, about thinks that are worthy to live for. It will be just few small things, but even these small things can make you happy. So here I go.

  • Coffee, tea and hot chocolate: I'm sure that all of you like one of these. But they are not just drinks, they can brink you lot of happiness, and if you will connect these to some other beautiful things I'm sure you will feel better.
  • Blanket: yes its sure small think but even being in blanket can make you feel better
  • Books: bring some of your favorite book ( or manga ), blanket, coffee and I'm sure you will forget about every bad thing that is happening around you
  • Short walks: yeah when you are depressed and sad, you don't feel like going out, and I really understand, but believe you will fell better after few minutes in forest, just sitting and listening to nature. Just listen what sound leaves make, how birds are singing, listen how beautiful it sounds when river flows.
  • Anime: should I even comment this one. Anime is love anime is life
  • Pets: when you feel bad just go and hug you cat, dog ... doesn't matter what animal do you have, and if you don't have pet then go outside and watch birds
  • Friends: even if you don't have lot of them, or even if you feel like they hate you its not true, believe me that there is always gonna be that one person who will want to make you feel better, it can be friend, you cousin, sibling, or even parent. There will always be one ( and if there is not anybody than feel free to text me UwU )
  • Craft: just do something. It doesn't matter what. You can draw, paint, sing, sew, play games, act, write, decorate, read, watch anime/films/series... it really doesn't matter
  • Music: all of us love music, so if you don't feel good then just listen to some
  • Food: just eat something good, or bake something good, cook something good. Food can make you so happy. Just remember food is not you enemy, it should be something that makes you happy.

Last think I want to say is that there is lot of things in this world that you can be happy for. So never give up. I'm here for you if you need to talk.Never forget that you are so amazing, cute, pretty, perfect and you can be whatever you want. Luv ya so much.

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I have two cats and they are making me really happy UwU


i have 4 cats and alot of friends ☺
and blankets,i have a weighted blanket too