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"I´ll offer u a noice egg in deez tryin timez."
15 years old
United States
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Things I Like To Do

I like to:

-watch slowed and reverb songs on youtube but at like 1.25x speed for literally no reason except it ounds so friggin amazing
-write, i write like poetry, short stories, and random narratives idk
-watch whole documentaries on some very specific smart topic for no reason
-leave notes in books for people
-nljw xiswa lbs arydd
-listen to music so loudly that i dont hear anything else
-wear cloak and slide around my house in socks
-running at absolute full speed for 15 seconds
-sleep, anywhere, anytime
-actually be productive and get course work done, much unlike what im doing now, like i have two essays to write
-pick pretty weeds
-talk to ppl abt music
-watch finding nemo

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My Favorite Places & Things


-any books-a-million, gamestop, or hot topic
-a fair at night
-a porch on a foggy morning before the sun rises
-a car when it’s cold & rainy outside
-a car at night next to a lit up city
-dark movie theater
-super cold hotel rooms
-that nice teachers room who keeps the light off and has comfy seats
-gyms/multipurpose rooms watching movies at school
-under school bleachers
-band percussion room
-empty baseball feilds/dugouts
-road at night w/ streetlights
-middle of the woods in fall
-outside w/ stars
-window sill when its cold or rainy out
-porch during a storm


-cool rocks
-good books
-nice bracelets
-candy/drinks that turn ur mouth blue
-drawing on ur hand with sharpie
-pretty leaves
-pressed flowers
-dandelions when theyre bright yellow
-dandelions when theyre fluffy white
-music boxes
-nic-nacks and small stuff: bottlecaps, mechanical pieces, pins etc.
-stars and the colour red


I'm a Pan-romantic Asexual

so first, im ace, which means asexual. basically i dont feel sexual attraction, and i dont wanna have sex ever even after marriage or whatever, sex is gross, ew. im also panromantic, which is different from pansexual bc pansexuals feel sexual attraction, while i only feel romantic attraction.

here is a tiktok quote that i relate to:

"im a panromantic asexual which means i dont really care what gender u r, ur cute as heck so i want u to come over to my house so we can cuddle and watch some finding nemo"

this clip: https://youtu.be/QbjJlndc6F4?t=158

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things i find attractive:

-messy hair
-girls w/ short hair
-guys w/ long hair
-ppl who draw on their hands with sharpie
-coloured mouths, like when ppl drink smthn or eat candy and it turns their mouth like red or blue idk ok, its just cool
-ppl whos hands r always cold
-asexuals (or mainly ppl who arent overly obsessed with sex)
-extreme introverts/ extreme extroverts
-rlly shorter than me/ rlly taller than me
-that emo vibe (black nail polish n stuff)
-oversized hoodies
-glasses ;)
-green eyes
-rlly good sense of humor
-left-handedness (no idea)
-good taste in music

things i dont find attractive:

-facial hair
-features that are too normal
-really super muscular ppl
-racists, sexists, homophobes, etc.
-ppl who have tiktok unironically (im sry we cant be frens)

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