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"How do we do informatics? "
20 years old
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• I am an adult ('00 liner) so I prefer to not interact with people much younger than me although there are a few on my friends list but if you feel comfy with me then okie ig. However I will not interact with anyone under 13 at all
• If I have sent you a request and you feel uncomfy for any reason, feel free to decline /srs
• I tend to just wander around the site and I don't remember the people I send requests to, so if you've declined my request and see a request from me again, I'm sorry /gen
• I don't expect to get something out of this site, I just made it for fun and time travel since I was too young when actual MySpace was alive plus I didn't live in America and neither do I now :P
• I listen to some artists that are considered problematic (blackpink,(g)idle, Dreamcatcher) but I can't help it I like their music 😔. Actually it was easy to follow bp because of their discography but I believe (g)idle and deukae make indeed good music

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