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"How do we do informatics? "
20 years old
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Important please read !

Namseok couple is so cute and this edit increases my life span by 100 years pls stream thank you <3 https://mobile.twitter.com/commiejoon/status/1364009140130054149



• I am an adult ('00 liner) so I prefer to not interact with people much younger than me although there are a few on my friends list but if you feel comfy with me then okie ig. However I will not interact with anyone under 13 at all
• If I have sent you a request and you feel uncomfy for any reason, feel free to decline /srs
• I tend to just wander around the site and I don't remember the people I send requests to, so if you've declined my request and see a request from me again, I'm sorry /gen
• I don't expect to get something out of this site, I just made it for fun and time travel since I was too young when actual MySpace was alive plus I didn't live in America and neither do I now :P
• I listen to some artists that are considered problematic (blackpink,(g)idle, Dreamcatcher) but I can't help it I like their music 😔. Actually it was easy to follow bp because of their discography but I believe (g)idle and deukae make indeed good music

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Do not follow if:
• x-phobe, x-cist
• Trump supporter
• Support kwj, suju, OMG, Trump, Shin Jimin and FNC ent
• You are a MAP or supporter
• You try to convince that the x ship is real especially ships with actual people (but other than that, thinking that two people have a good chemistry is very fine)
• You ship a minor with an adult, even if it's a fictional ship
• You support bi / pan lesbians / gays
• Fujoshi / fudanshi
• You believe that pan ≠ bi
• If your account is extremely gorey - I'm sorry :/ (oop I made a rhyme)
• This is not a safe space for "Super straights" obviously and nope you'll never be part of LGBT
• You're a TERF
• You're anti BLM and anti 1312
• You support "All lives matter / Blue lives matter etc.
• You are pro-transracial
• You are an ethnicist North American
• You are a terf
• You're a zionist

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Song recommendations

Still with you - JK
My time - JK
Poison love - Deukae
4 Memory - Deukae
Mago - Gfriend
Confetti - Little Mix
Rendezvous - Little Mix
Lonely - MGK
My ex's best friend - MGK
Forget me too - MGK & Halsey
Be kind - Halsey
꼬리 (Tail) - Sunmi
Softcore - The Neighborhood
보라빛 밤 - Sunmi
Really really - Cherry Bullet
Q&A - Cherry Bullet
Love so sweet - Cherry Bullet
Hands up - Cherry Bullet
Stay - BTS
Blue and Grey - BTS
Burn it - Agust D
Hwaa - (G)idle
Got that boom - Secret Number
Paranoia - Kang Daniel
I'm not cool - Hyuna
(In no particular order)

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