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"4rs0n th3 fr13ndly Gh0s7 x3 "
13 years old
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Okay, so this is mainly a rant because I have no other friends so its going to me here on MySpace lmao
My town is really mean, its mainly cishet annoying chavs and it makes me hella sad, theres no cool people around, so as the only proper scemo kid in a small, mainly basic town, its obvious i get alot of backlash. Today I got made fun of for wearing a tiara, and this would have been alright if they didnt grab it and break my favourite tiara :( I just want a friend here that isnt some basic girl only hanging out with me because of some stupid sympathy bet or something. I just want a friend thats like me and wont judge me :( Also, IM A MONTH CLEAN!!! And I also cleaned my room today! AND I TOOK A SHOWER! Im happy with myself, but those people really upset me earlier :( Not to mention, I annoyed my s/o earlier and I felt so bad,I still feel bad but i dont think theyre too mad at me, sorry for not typing like normal, Im tired. I hate school so much, id rather real life school than online school, its upsetting. My guidance counsellor is useless she just tells me to sleep earlier, that isnt gonna help xD and they even told me to remove my frerard profile picture :( I also cant do my irish homework, I dont understand it and none of my friends are helping me. But i got to hang out with the only My Chem fan I know and theyre really cool :p but other than that, today wasnt the best :C Oh well. Its only monday. That tells me that this week isnt going to be great for me :/ but anyway, I should probably go. Im not finishing my Irish Homework i dont understand it at all. The teacher can eat my ass :p I hate school and the people in there, its not funny, they keep asking me out as a joke and its not even funny, but oh well, its kinda what you get as the weird kid, its time for me to sign off, so ill see you tomorrow or so, thats if theres even anyone reading this xF

XOXO Arson

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mood oof, i dont live in a small area but i dont exactly talk to any of the alternative kids near me because they are scary- i haven't had a crazy ass situation like that though, sorry that happened :(