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2021.02.15 '' The begining.''

Hewwo! I have started this blog for no reason what-so-ever actually. I could write in a journal, but that feels fake. Like I'm not talking to anybody and nobody will actually hear this. So I decided to write it here I guess. I don't really know why I want to do this. But I just feel like nobody is actually listening to me while I talk about my day- So yeah... I think I'm just going to start now.

It's 2021-02-15. I just started using myspace today, I made an account not so long ago. Which is kinda cool, and I already made a friend! That's really amazing. I don't quite understand this website yet, but I think that I'll just learn it along the way!-

I haven't slept in a long time now. Not sure how long, but I feel like it has been over hours at least. I kinda want to sleep, but I'm already awake so what's the point? Also, I want to feel more alive. I feel like my best friend is always awake when I'm asleep. (I'm always asleep till' around 6 pm, I usually go to sleep at around... idk lol- depends.)

I have been thinking of doing a lot lately, and I think I might. Not sure though. One of the things I want to start doing, is to actually buy myself some decent clothes and not constantly wear hoodies. I love hoodies, but I want to start wearing something ''fashonable'' for once though! Anyways, I might get braces soon. Which is kinda cool I guess, Idrk. I just don't want to look like my dad. Everybody says that I '' look Just like him. '' And I really don't like that. It's more of a personal thing, but let's just say he did a lot of stuff to make me not like him.

Eh, whatvr. Today I did a thing things! I'm not done with the day yet! (since it's literally 11 am when I'm writing this.) But I just would like to write this now, better now than later forgetting aye?

Either way, I rolled in the snow like a dumbass today lol- It was kinda cool, I must say I enjoyed it a lot!! I was in shorts and only a hoodie though (not even socks or shoes) So it was a bit cold I guess, but it was nice. It really made me happy. Maybe I looked like some psycho or idiot, but honestly? It was worth it hehe

I did some make up today as well, and I actually did my hair for once!! It's getting too long though, and I really don't like it. I'm not saying that having long hair makes you femine, I just feel like it doesn't match me. I feel like people are going to misgender me or something if I'll have long hair. I don't want that happening... It makes me feel very dismorphic. Yeah ok- whatvr.

I made some breakfast today! I don't usually eat that much, but today I did, and even though I felt kinda... disgusting for it, I still feel alright. I feel like I have energy and stuff!! ooo speaking of energy- I might go outside for once and get myself an energy drink or something. Lately all I've been drinking is coffee, I feel like I want to drink more energy drinks. I'm just kinda scared that my mum is going to get mad. Idk, I hope she's not. I mean, it's not harming anybody but myself, so it should be fine. ooo I just thought of something!!! I might do some diy stuff today!! I mean, I already have too much time here. Sooooo why not? hehe

oh, I think I might have to go now,, bye, it was a pleasure writing all of this!! thanks for reading if you did <3

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iM sO proUd oF U foR doInG aLL oF thIS!!!! <3333333333