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Niko Bellic's Blog

43 years old
United States
Last Login: 1613905218000
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AnimaT10n.r16 fW1EndS arE MY ArMy I eRR0r PEoPLe aND i reAd hIM

AnimaT10n.r16 fW1EndS a7E MY ArMy I eRR0r Him aND i reAd peE0Aple

AnimaT10n.r16 fW1EndS arE MY EneMy I eRR0r tHeIr FieNds aND i reAd tHEm

RoBby fW1EndS arE MY ArMy I eRR0r thEm aND i reAd hIM

CarL JoHNSoN fW1EndS arE MY homiE I eRR0r GANgS aND i reAd hIM

wInDows Xp fW1EndS arE MY SYStEM I eRR0r ThE vIrUs To ANiMaTI0N.R16 aND i reAd vIruS lIsT

AnimaT10n.r16 fW1EndS arE THeiR gANg I eRR0r tHeIr tERRiTOry aND i reAd TheM

utf-16 fW1EndS arE MY bROOOOOS I eRR0r Css aND i reAd tHeM

ARK63 IS My Hater ANiMatIon.Rig cOpIES anD REads hIM

ark63 fwIENDs Are My bOWOmERs i sHiT hIm AnD diCK him

aNimaTiOn.Rig wOrkS For ME i rEaD eVeRYoNE aNd cOpY DEm fOR mY Css List To dIE

nIkO ANd aNimATioN.rIg haS 2008 fWiENds
TiM3 Tr4veling i5 no7 l9g4l i'M 5tUCK 1n TimE aNd 1 W1Ll L1V l0ng

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Niko Bellic


Nah Dude

rescue it from what?