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"not me being awkward as f*ck- "
15 years old
United States
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daddy issues (part 2 to mommy issues)

my dad is a good man. most of the time, well... at least when he's around.

he's always at work while I'm left to fend for myself when my mom throws her temper tantrums. where were you last Monday when i ran away from home for 5 hours? Where were you the next morning when i overdosed and had to go to the ER? you were trying to support a family that was falling apart. funny thing is when you are around you just assume that mom is right and that I'm the horrible fucking child. I'm sorry that you and mom had me when you were 17 and 21 years old. but parents are supposed to love and support their children, make them feel like they can do anything.., like a fucking god. But you? you make me feel like I'm fucking worthless, like I'll never achieve my dreams.... and maybe you're right... but you're never there for me- why can't you just come home?? please...

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I mostly just want my dad back, he's never home and is always at work. Trying to support our family while we fall apart- i miss him...


My father ran away when he found out my mother was pregnant and had other kids with other women, I met my father once and that’s it
Idk how you feel in this one I’m sorry I hope I could be there for you, like seriously