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18 years old
United States
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my many interests and things i am into

just alot of games, anime, music, or whateva that im into right now or have been for a long time.

anime n manga stuff -

kill me baby, yumekui merry, kino no tabi: the beautiful world, hunter x hunter, clannad, azumanga diaoh, nichijou, fooly cooly, made in abyss, mahou shoujo site, mob psycho 100, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, beastars, lucky star, promare, death note, jibaku shounen hanako-kun, puella madoka magica, neon genesis evangelion, panty & stocking w/ garterbelt

kill me baby n kino no tabi are my all time favorites even if they arent really perfect. i just enjoy them alot :-)

videogamin! -

cave story, shadow of the colossus, mario rpg series, waddanohara, kero blaster, mother series, yakuza series, touhou, persona 4, metal gear solid series, disgaea series, sonic the hedgehog 3 & knuckles :^), compile puyo puyo series, when they cry series (havent finished playing them but hush), the behemoth games, omori, genshin impact, mogeko castle, stardew valley, deltarune/undertale, league of legends....., hyperdimension neptunia, VA11-HALL-A

out of all these games cave story, shadow of the colossus, and mario rpg for the snes are and have been my favorites for a long time. they all mean alot to me because i think they still hold up to me today and ive loved all of these games for either 10 years or more now

music groups/people i like -

https://open.spotify.com/user/theparvizalai (jus look at this if you wanna see my playlists n stuff on spotify)

cool and new music team (homestuck shit lol), olallie, ludovico einaudi, crystal statues, yandere, goreshit, nightmargin, siouxxie, 100 gecs, daft punk, alice dj, bo en, the gentlemen, sewerslvt, AJJ, red vox, passion pit, anamanaguchi, jack stauber, maroon 5

loved cool and new music team since i first heard them 4 or 5 years ago(?) and shit like daft punk, alice dj, and maroon 5 have been some old favs of mine as well. i have a huge appreciation for alot of different types of music cause its smth i enjoy partaking in myself. i dont make any type of music in particular but i do enjoy it nevertheless. also i really like old 2000s sounding kinda chiptune stuff but not like gameboy type shit idk how to describe it but yea.

random other shit that cant really be categorized -

nijiura maids, homestuck, webcore, garfield, idk how to describe it other than music thats used for pirating programs lol search up sony vegas keygen music and you might understand what im talking about, scott pilgrim, drawing, electronic music composition, and my epic fucking girlfriend

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i love ur anime and music taste!! its all crazy good

broski the 50th

whoa, haven't heard anyone talk about kill me baby in AGES, that's a pretty deep cut....
but yeah very good and correct interests