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"Kurapika is now drowning"
100 years old
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h0w t0 j0in the supremacy

S00 to join you just gotta make sure that you want and are ready to give Kurapika your body and soul entirely. Then you have to pray often. It would be the best if you made an altar in your room so you can have a nice place to pray and so that you can show your love towards Kurapika. A great altar should contain: a lot of Kurapika's photos, a chain, candles, the "Kurapika's god picture" (my profile) in a frame that has "AKAKU" on it, and a figure (it's optional if you can't afford). It would also be amazing if you'd pray while playing "Hi Ni Moeru Hitomi" in the background and pray for the whole song. You should pray once or twice a day and always carry a small picture of Kurapika with you. If you want to be very extra (which I fully reccomend) you can learn the lyrics of "Hi Ni Moeru Hitomi" by hard and sing while praying.
That's all HomiĘs

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