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val <3

number1, you're so pretty please marry me (sorry ken ken)
You are the first person I came out too about my transexuality. and um fopewjroih THANKS FOR BEING SO ACCEPTING ????. You were so nice about it and it really made me smile for days at a time. Please take a brake from pinterest. Its affecting you in a.. way? BITCH I DONT KNOW ITS REALLY CONFUSING TALKING ABOUT YOU

(thanks for the daily weird photos) You make me question how basic I am. I'm pretty basic.. But you're not and thats a good thing! Please don't creep any random people out. Me and ruki are very appreciative of your furry porn! You're art is beautiful. I couldn't believe someone had this much talent at this age BUT YOU DO!
It would be so fucking col if you mixed all that furry porn along with your realism. You should check out this person called Lovely luran on youtbe she has your similar art style!

But that aside, By love you please be safe and thanks for all the good times :>>

PS: little Easter egg for anyone who mad it to vals page. My quotev is TrippySupernova

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